Vendor advocates for Adelaide commercial real estate

Maximise the value of your commercial property by partnering with the commercial real estate experts.


Why do you need a vendor advocate for Adelaide commercial real estate?

Selling commercial property in Adelaide is more than a matter of simply advertising on mainstream portals. Because there isn’t always a massive pool of potential buyers, you need access to local knowledge and the opportunity to tap into established networks of likely buyers.

The easiest way to do that is to choose the right real estate agent. And yet, every agent has different strengths and weaknesses, different connections and different ways of doing business.

That means the right agent for one job isn’t necessarily the right agent for every job.


How a vendor advocate helps when selling commercial property

A vendor advocate is your partner in selecting the best commercial real estate agent for each and every transaction.

We take into account your circumstances, as well as the property itself and the current state of the market, before introducing you to the best agent for your particular sale. We also act as your guide and sounding board throughout the early stages of putting your property on the market.

Our services include:

  • Introducing you to the best agents for your requirements
  • Giving you honest and frank advice when it comes to agent’s fees to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal
  • Checking the agent’s marketing proposal to make sure your property will be marketed effectively
  • Fact-checking to ensure that what you’re being told reflects our understanding of both your property and the current market
  • Analysing the agent’s valuation of your property and ensuring your own price expectations are based on reality
  • Holding the agent to account so that you achieve the best possible price for your property in the current market.


How we work

Our team has a comprehensive background in commercial agency and have the utmost respect of, and for, the real estate agents operating in South Australia.

We have close ties with every major firm and key boutique players. That means we know their strengths and weaknesses and can help choose the right agent for you.

Through our vendor advocacy service, we can:

  • Help you understand every single factor that will influence the value of your property and make sure you maximise its appeal
  • Assist you in gathering property data to streamline your engagement with the agent
  • Draft emails to agents seeking submissions of tender
  • Review and critique any submissions, and help you draw up a shortlist of potential agents
  • Attend and host introductions to the agency teams
  • Assist with your final decision, and the proceeding documentation requirements.

The result is that we could end up saving you significant money, while also giving you the best opportunity to achieve the final outcome you want.