Tenant Representation for Adelaide commercial real estate

Secure a better deal with our tenant representative team behind you


Why you need tenant representation in the Adelaide commercial real estate market

Leasing commercial real estate isn’t always a straightforward exercise.

Many of the best leasing opportunities are off-market or need to be acted on quickly. Much of the real business is done through established relationships and local networks. And there are often complex laws and regulations that you’ll sometimes need to negotiate too. 

On top of this, it can often be difficult to know exactly whether a property is right for you and your business until you attend it in person. And that can mean contacting multiple agents and trawling through multiple properties simply to find even one that might suit your needs - something that requires considerable time and effort.

A single point of contact saving you time and money

We can help you minimise the pain associated with finding your next office, industrial site, warehouse or retail premises. We do this by taking a structured approach, in which we listen carefully to your needs and then work with you to put together a detailed brief that narrows down exactly what you’re looking for.

Once this is done, we use our extensive local networks and conduct our own research and analysis to uncover the properties we think may match. After presenting these to you and finding out which ones you’re interested in, we contact the agents, and arrange to inspect them, just so that we know they are fit for purpose and reflect the description the agent has provided.

The result is that you have a single point of contact, as well as a tight list of properties that come close to matching your brief. So, if you’re flying in from inter-State or simply time poor, you won’t have to waste time looking at properties that don’t meet your criteria.

Negotiating a better deal on your behalf

Finally, once you’ve found the right property, we will make sure that you avoid common mistakes and don’t pay over market value.

We’ll do this by applying our knowledge of the Adelaide market, including our insight into what is fair market rent and what incentives may be available. We’ll also negotiate robustly on your behalf to make sure you end up receiving a lease on the best possible terms.

Retail tenants

Adelaide’s best retail property is often owned by local privates, not global corporations. That means securing the right space at the right price for your business also relies on having access to the right networks. We have strong relationships with all of the property owners and understand both how they operate and what motivates them. For that reason, we can help play to your strengths when it comes to negotiating your next lease so that you get a better deal.

Commercial office tenants

We have extensive knowledge of CBD and city fringe office spaces. But we also have insights and connections into fast-emerging suburban office precincts, as well as increasingly popular unofficial office park precincts. In other words, we can help you find the very best space no matter where you need to be.

Industrial tenants

Both quality and pricing for South Australia’s industrial properties can vary widely, as can access to transport routes and other critical infrastructure. We can help you navigate and resolve potential roadblocks in your property search, so you end up with the right property at the right price.

How we help

As part of our tenant representation service, we’ll work with you to:

  • Sit down and assess your realistic requirements by creating thorough brief
  • Search the market for properties via our network of contacts, and the major agencies
  • Review the various options and compile a shortlist of the most suitable properties
  • Arrange and attend inspections of the properties you want to view
  • Negotiate on your behalf and provide real value by getting your property at the best possible price and on the most favourable terms.

What our clients say

I have found Toby to be professional and pleasant in all our consultations. Toby presents as a very knowledgeable person in the commercial property sector, is well organised and flexible in his approach to potential clients.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Toby to companies seeking to conduct business in the commercial property space.
— Chad Trethowan, Keystone Project Advisory, www.keystoneprojectadvisory.com