Who is H&Co.?

In an effort not to be another faceless consultant, I thought a blog post about just who is the driving force behind H&Co. was required, and also a bit about why we started.

My name is Toby Hundertmark, and I have been working in the property industry since 2009, but I have always had a keen interest in commercial real estate since a young age. I started my career in development, working for a firm based in Indonesia, from there I moved back to Australia and spent a number of years at JLL. I learnt a lot in this time, and still hold many close friends from my time in the Black Stump (25 Grenfell Street). 

I got my first consulting job with Peak Equities, which was the catalyst for H&Co., and my consulting services being offered to the wider market. I am still active in my work with Peak, as well as a range of other property trusts and family group investors based on the east coast. 

As the Principal of H&Co. my number one goal is to provide exceptional client service. I firmly believe that the success and prosperity of any business in the service industry comes directly from client satisfaction. H&Co. was started because our team saw a hole in the market, and thought we could give our clients what they need to simplify the transaction process. 

We are approachable, and upfront with our core promises. This website outlines our services, but I am always available on my mobile or office line for a chat about how H&Co. may be able to help you with your property requirement. 

I look forward to hearing from you.