Adelaide buyers agent for commercial property

We work with you to find the perfect commercial property for your needs.


Why do you need a buyers agent for Adelaide commercial real estate?

Adelaide commercial real estate has the potential to provide higher yields than you could achieve in most other parts of Australia.But finding the best opportunities isn’t always easy. The city’s commercial property market relies heavily on personal relationships and local networks. Deals are usually brokered between trusted parties and many of the best properties are never released to the general market.

That means, without a local expert working for you, you will probably never see the full picture of what is available. Nor will you have the inside market knowledge and data to understand exactly how much you should be paying.

Helping you secure the best possible deal

As your buyers agent, we’ll help you uncover and capitalise on the opportunities you may not otherwise even be able to access.

We’ll do this by tapping into our extensive local real estate network, to help you find the property that’s right for you or your business. Then we’ll provide the uncompromising advocacy throughout the entire transaction to make sure you buy your ideal property at the right price. 

How we work

When we join you on your commercial real estate search, we’ll work with you to:

  • Assess your needs as a commercial property buyer
  • Define a clear price bracket based on our insights into recent sales and current market conditions
  • Search the market for a property via our network of local contacts, as well as through major agencies
  • Review the various options and compile a shortlist of the most suitable properties
  • Attend property inspections on your behalf, and organise any other inspections you need, including providing a post-inspection report to you
  • Perform basic due diligence (DD) on the property site
  • Structure the offer to purchase to maximise the chances the vendor will accept
  • Help you secure any finance you need to purchase the property.

Whether you’re looking for a passive or active investment, an established property or a new build, having an experienced professional in your corner will make all the difference.

What our clients say

The process between our first enquiry and eventual settlement of the property was quite complex. I was most impressed with the maturity and professionalism that was displayed throughout the process. We would recommend him enthusiastically to any future clients.
— Tom Borsky, Peak Equities,