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Navigating the commercial property market can be a complex proposition for an investor or tenant in any city. South Australia is not unlike other states – there are geographical areas that perform better than others, subject to the asset type. Learning a new market with no prior knowledge can be very difficult, and true insight into the dynamic nature of commercial property is rarely found.

South Australia is renowned for being controlled, largely, by local private owners. On the east coast, it is not uncommon to deal with institutions who control a big portion of the market. H&Co. are proud of our local and national networks - our interaction in the local market spans from single property owners, all the way to high net worth families, and listed property trusts. H&Co. will prove to be a valuable ally in your transaction. 

For tenants, South Australia offers a range of cost effective opportunities in a market that is filled with opportunity. The right representation will allow tenants to find a property to suit their requirements, within budget and at the best conditions available. Employing a tenant representative will show landlords that the prospective tenant is invested in the process, and has true intent to complete a deal.

As an investor, the eastern states are becoming increasingly less attractive as yields compress, and lease conditions continually sway in favour of the tenant. South Australia maintains attractive yields, and opportunities for incoming funds. H&Co. are well equipped to guide investors through our market, and highlight the attributes of becoming a property owner in South Australia.

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H&Co. offer a wide range of services for those engaging in commercial property transactions.
While our umbrella focus is advocacy for the buyer or tenant, H&Co. are equipped to provide the following services to our clients.


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Vendor Advocacy


H&Co. will assist with appointing the best agent for your sale campaign. We are aware that each operator has their strengths in a particular area.


Acquisition Consulting

Our vast network, and direct introduction to off market opportunities provides our clients with best opportunity to find a suitable investment property.


Tenant Representation


Offering a tailored service to each individual client, employing H&Co. to guide your business through the leasing process will ensure a successful outcome.